Our online system is simple and quick to use. It is completely encrypted and uses two factor authentication to register & login.

Using our extensive reporting system you can see all your current active seals in the field; the beginning of the process together with images, geo-tagging, time & date and all the associated data of the person who applied them.

You can add additional location details.  For example; the loading dock number or even the truck/container number by use of a QR to speed up the process. But there are many more applications for P2D, for instance you can use the seal for lockup's, cash handling, or just about anything you imagine still using the quick QR system for recording all your needs.

Once the seal is applied you can also access the persons signature next to the location on the map where the seal was initially applied.


Removing the seal is just as easy and the following is what makes P2D so smart:


When it's time to remove the seal, whether the person is connected to your Company or not, the recipient can simply download the APP for free from the APPstore on their phone. Once they have registered, they scan the QR code and P2D does the rest. If you've decided you need to obtain certain information, such as the door or truck details mentioned above, then you choose that facility in your settings. When an individual has taken a picture of the P2D Seal in situ proving it isn't damaged, they are then asked to remove it by cutting it.  With the innovative design of the SEAL, cutting it off reveals a unique challenge number which is simply entered into the APP.  As long as there is a match, there is proof of integrity on delivery.


If the challenge number doesn't match, P2D will notify you immediately. So now you have the confidence of integrity of the process, you can also take full advantage of auditability through our reporting system. 


As with all the reporting associated with APPLYING the SEAL, you receive the same information in the report when it is REMOVED. Pictures, geo-tagging, personal information and signature of the recipient are all available and evidenced online.


So assuming that the challenge number was correctly confirmed, you can be totally confident that not only do you now have global visibility but crucially evidence of integrity end to end! 






ISO 17712 - CTPAT/AEO bolt for high security/ cross border/ sea freight.

ISO 17712 - FDA approved domestic high security seal.

Nylon seal for domestic movements and static tamper evidence.

Fully Tamper evident label for carton/box use, clinical trials, final mile.

Patent . 14/722,039

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