Driver/passenger self-submits identity and document information via smartphone.


Border agency receives automated scores confirming:

  1. A genuine document, not lost or stolen

  2. A real, live person (not a spoof)

  3. The person is the rightful holder of the document.

Currently in use by UK Home Office for remote in-country settlement applications.


Gatekeeper Solution automatically captures and checks on moving vehicles:


  • Driver and Passenger Faces through Windshields

  • Vehicle Make, Model, Colour and License Plate

  • Container Codes and QR codes for Manifests

  • Detects and Alerts to Changes, Foreign Objects and Persons hiding under vehicles.

Currently in use on Mexican and US Borders.


Growing pressure on ports,
from both people and goods


Growing need for seamless, touchless border control


Automated, seamless, touchless system to control flow of people, vehicles and goods

IBMATA is an independent, not for profit organization, registered in the UK, promoting global collaboration and best practice in current and future border management principles and technology.


We have 100+ members including border agencies, IGOs, NGOs, academia, ports/airports, and global border technology providers.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Seamless movement of people, goods & vehicles