There are many companies out developing their own Blockchains whether as a directive of their client or through initiatives for provenance and innovation. The irony of a public chain are each of these companies aren’t ready to share their data with a competitor and yet it is their competitors who probably share similar process issues. So instead of a Distributed Ledger, they end up with a decentralised one. At P2D we decided to create our own agnostic chain. A chain whereby simply applying our patented seals you can record and track the entire movement within the supply chain and have the transaction recorded on our chain. 

Our patented seals are registered on the chain, so through integration with your ERP you are attesting to Waypoint load data that supports it is actually in there. That is then registered on the chain against the seal entry, creating you a REAL TRUE attestation of the load. Then and only then at destination when the process confirms there has been no entry can you be comfortable from a liability perspective that the product has been delivered with full provenance.


Patent . 14/722,039

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