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Key dates and timeline for the BTOM

From 31 January 2024
Sanitary and Phytosanitary goods (SPS) requirements from DEFRA for products are introduced
  • Categories - "low", "medium" and "high" - will determine the level of checks and documentation that will be required.

  • New export health certificates will be needed for medium-risk animal origin products, plants and plant-based products and high-risk food and feed of non-animal origin entering Britain from the EU.

  • The removal of pre-notification requirements for low risk plant and products from the EU.

From 31 April 2024
Introduction of documentation and risk-based identity and physical checks on medium-risk products from the EU
  • Existing inspections of high-risk plants and plant products from the EU will move from destination to Border Control Post

  • Simplification of import processes from non-EU countries e.g. the removal of health certification and routine checks on low-risk products and reduction on physical and identity check levels on medium-risk animal products

From 31 October 2024
Safety & security (S&S) declarations for EU imports come into force
  • This includes pre-arrival data sets, such as pre-logged customs declarations

  • Government is aiming to reduce the dataset required for imports and the new UK Single Trade Window will remove duplication where possible across different pre-arrival datasets

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