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Your ready made digital solutions

Commercial off-the-shelf services are digital products that are ready made and can be easily tailored and integrated into your existing systems.


P2D offer a range of such products.



Digitise Your Supply Chain



P2D Traces enables compliance by simplifying the collation of product data from across the supply chain.


  • End-to-end visibility of your entire upstream supply chain, down to single item level

  • Ensure compliance by simplifying the collation of all product data 

  • Utilise data effectively to create essential documentation and declarations at speed, using AI based technology

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Intelligent Tracking and Assurance



P2D Track and Trace allows you to track the movement of your goods from depot to end destination, all through your mobile device.


  • Full end-to-end journey tracking through a simple app

  • Smart seal technology to support new target operating models of cross border movement between EU-GB

  • Multi drop site options and groupage tape solutions to solve the concern of multiple consignments


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Digitise Site and Facilities Management



P2D 360 is an app based solution that utilises intelligent proximity sensors to enable effective site and facilities management by remotely monitoring site operational controls, safety and security in real time.


  • Remote auditing and compliance management from your mobile device

  • Enable site compliance and monitoring for Trusted Trader programs

  • Manage risk, services and KPIs in real time

  • Reduce the amount of paper-based documents, supporting your ESG and CSR goals

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To find out more about how P2D can help you to transform your organisation contact us and one of our experts will be in touch!

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