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Be prepared for changes in regulations on the 1st Oct 2021 for SPS goods moving from the EU to GB

Futureproof your business ahead of change with automated customs and SPS documentation.

From October 1 2021, to move SPS goods into Great Britain, EU suppliers will be required to complete EHC declarations and UK importers will need to pre-notify border control points via IPAFFS, a process which is new for thousands. Gathering the data required for compliant EHCs, customs declarations and pre-notification is time intensive as many organisations have to complete the process manually; from data entry to approval this can take days, delaying shipments, reducing the shelf life of product and increasing costs.

P2D offer the only operational SPS compliance tool, Traces, which digitally holds data from across the supply chain, has direct links into local government systems and can automate the creation of EHCs and the respective customs declarations using one set of data.

With multiple EHCs requiring individual pre-notifications the use of P2D’s platform enables you to reduce the creation time of vital documentation from hours to minutes, helping you on the journey to pre-Brexit operational levels while also futureproofing your processes.

GB and EU flags together

Act now and be prepared for October 1st 2021

Find out more about how P2D Traces can assist your business by requesting a demo.

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