P2D is a Middleware provider, leading the way in the global supply chain enabling real visibility to the chain of custody, distinguished provenance and integrity. We physically track and record the chain of custody and produce SINGLE TRUTH DATA for global suppliers. It's one thing to put transactions on a chain but that is just a record of event and normally comes from the same paperwork it always has done, but to be able to prove true attachment of physical product to the chain through our patented technology 14/722,039 then that is real testament to true provenance and integrity of a supply chain. Companies or even Countries that need true visibility and want to enter into a trade agreement can use P2D as an impartial trade facilitation process for transparency and provenance. Our middleware integrates to your existing or potential new suppliers and immediately allows upload of all documentation to share with their logistics provider (EDI) giving visibility and traceability of product. From there we can place the transaction on our ledger and at the same time pass to any other ledgers or providers as required. Our unique design allows for full integrity of product (as it is actually attached) at the same time conforming to GDPR for you and suppliers data through our unique process.

Patent . 14/722,039

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