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Keep up to date with key regulatory dates

Key Customs and SPS regulatory dates and requirements in one place

Staying informed of the latest changes to legislation, implementation dates and deadlines is proving to be a challenge as timelines continue to shift.


It’s a turbulent time for the sector and the lack of certainty can cause disruption to operations and affect supply chains.

To combat this, P2D has complied all vital dates and deadlines into one place so you know exactly what is changing, when it’ll happen and how to prepare for it.

Please note that the upcoming changes have now been postponed until Q3 of 2023. We will update as the government release future details.

Latest Updates

Key requirements

1 January 2022

Full customs declarations and controls will be introduced.

Customs processes

Businesses who have been importing and exporting between the EU and GB using delayed declarations will be required to complete supplementary declarations. Those exporting POAO, certain animal by-products and high risk food not of animal origin who have not made a full customs declaration will need to have their haulier/carrier submit a standalone exit summary declaration.

1st January 2022

The requirements for pre-notification of Sanitary and Phytosanitary (SPS) goods will be implemented.

Pre-notification of SPS goods

 From 1st January 2022 GB importers of SPS goods from the EU will need to pre-notify UK authorities of a consignment via IPAFFS 24 hours in advance.

Customs Process
SPS Pre-notification

Physical checks on SPS goods at BCP


Imported goods from the EU that are POAO will need to pass through designated Border Control Posts that are able to handle POAO to enter GB.

Certification and physical and identity checks will be introduced for:

1st July 2022

 Phytosanitary Certificates and physical checks on SPS goods at Border Control Posts will be implemented.

Physical Checks


1st July 2022

 The new requirements for Export Health Certificates will be implemented.

EHC Cert

Export Health Certificates (EHCs)


Products of Animal Origin moving from the EU to GB must be accompanied by an EHC certificate to show that it meets UK standards.


1st July 2022

Safety and Security documentation rules will be implemented.

Safety & Security

Safety and Security


Safety and Security declarations will be required on goods being imported from the EU into GB, these must be submitted by the carrier of the product.


P2D are here to support you navigate this change

These new regulations will require changes in processes, the upskilling of staff and increased bureaucracy, P2D’s unique SaaS solutions can simplify the complex challenges by:

  • Digitising and automating the creation of EHC certificates with P2D Traces.

  • Automating the Customs declaration process with direct links into CDS, HMRC’s customs portal through P2D Customs.

  • Providing pre-notification of consignments arriving in the UK to IPAFFS with P2D Track&Trace.

  • Assisting businesses to adapt to change with help from our industry experts and consulting services.

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