Our Value Proposition

Trusted Trader is a single-window service that supports its clients in developing the necessary intelligence, insight and operational controls to benefit from simpler customs procedures and fewer checks at borders when importing and exporting goods.

We believe in providing a set of services that enable our clients to understand the regulatory requirements within the UK and world customs zones, support compliant and efficient movements including regulatory certifications and customs declarations, directly into CDS.

Our platform will enable you to visualize the movement of goods, forward declare all relevant documentation to the appropriate Government competent authorities and benefit from control tower capabilities, test scenarios on operational digital twins and optimize your existing operations.

Through the use of our unique service stacks, you will be able to visualize movements, understand the full end to end provenance of goods and calculate carbon and sustainability metrics


“Our Vision is to provide a single-window for a compliant and faster movement across borders, creating global customs superhighways around the world working with  the UK and other Governments.“

Supporting you in understanding the regulatory requirements and procedures through access to our subject matter expertise, access to trustedtrader.com events and industry insights including a global framework of 'trusted trader' standards and legislation.

Support the development of informed and agile clients through real-time monitoring, assurance and control tower visualisations.

How we work with the Government

Through the use of the TrustedTrader platform, registered organisations will be able to demonstrate their operational controls, standards and procedures are at the appropriate level as outlined and in compliance with the 'trusted trader' framework within this platform.

  • AEO C/S Accreditation

  • Application of Innovative Technology Solutions

  • Operational Monitoring Services

  • Track and Trace

  • SPS, Traces and full Provenance of Goods

  • Global Market

  • Deemed ‘not at risk’ on our platform by HMRC




Seamless movements of goods

Our Services

SPS and
Trace Data

Track & Trace and Product Visualisation Capability


AEO and equivalent Site Operational Monitoring and Controls