AEO++ Risk Assurance & Compliance of Low Risk Operators

Regulations surrounding the export of goods across borders are changing following the outcome of Brexit. Now there is more focus than ever on the origin of goods and proof that they are ‘risk-free to ensure frictionless movement across borders under the FTA preferential tariff rate of zero. The test for becoming not at risk will depend on the control and visibility companies have of their supply chains. Physical2Digital's software allows you to ensure your compliance with new regulations which means minimal disruption to your operations.

The P2D software

Our system enables full visibility of supplier, carrier and itemised inventory, including all required documentation at point of load, e.g. TRACES for SPS-Products, at load, border crossings and proof of final destination. The combined platform also has Government as well as company specific modules for management of the legal company requirements in relation to the AEO status (both C and S) and future Mutual Recognition Agreements.

It is a fully operational solution that is deployed across M&S and other major retailer supply chain and represents over £57B of UK trade.

How does it work?

Operators who meet the requirements of AEO standards can be integrated into customs clearance processes and platforms enabling transporters to declare shipments online at point of load, with sufficient detail and have the opportunity to move through a border without stopping.

As mentioned above, the platform also provides a government management module and an AEO status module making it possible to manage and monitor these companies digitally on a day-to-day basis, with the possibility to insert any kind of compliance self-assessment inspections and controls, and including support for the entire AEO application, certification, monitoring and re-evaluation process.

The system and processes will comply with and integrate into existing and future customs clearance platforms, reducing admin burden on freight forwarders and support optimisation of customs processes. We can process and analyse any documents required and support generation of customs clearance files automatically.

Next steps

The P2D software could be crucial to being able to demonstrate your controls so it is important that you take steps to ensure that you are compliant with the new rules.

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