Future Proof your Supply Chain

Regulations surrounding the movement of goods are changing rapidly. The increased emphasis on the provenance of goods and ensuring items are ‘risk-free’ have meant that innovative solutions need to be put in place to meet demand. This is where Physical2Digital (P2D) can help.

Who are P2D?

P2D are a market disrupting software house that specialises in the visualisation of the supply chain.

We enable the secure movement of goods through domestic and international trade routes by providing true attachment of a physical product to a digital platform.

How can our software help your business?

We support the development of operational maturity and provide a single-window service that enables:

  • Operational monitoring and compliance reporting at AEO and equivalent standards;

  • Full provenance of goods including automated SPS and TRACES declarations and pre-notification to relevant authorities including DEFRA and DEARA;

  • Track and Trace with full visualisation and secure movement of goods including proof of final destination;

  • Instant cloud-based control tower capabilities with advanced reporting, insights and digital twin simulation;

  • Direct customs declarations into CDS;

  • Supporting the development and implementation of Trusted Trader standards and practices across multiple customs zones.

What are our services?

Our secure cloud-based platforms provide three major application services; Traces, Track & Trace and 360.

P2D SPS Traces This is an end-to-end Sanitary and Phytosanitary tracing system that captures the movement of plant and animal related goods from source to finished product and also:

  • Aggregates information into a schedule for Official Vet SPS Sign off;

  • Logs full history of manufacturing processes and includes raw material certificates (digital EHC);

  • Integration into DEFRA, DAERA and HMRC;

  • Integration to traces through DAERA.

Digital Track & Trace A full End-to-End digital seal process that secures the movement of goods, assigns liability to each actor in the supply chain and provides evidence of tampering with goods

  • Provides a full vehicle load manifest at a single item level with all digital declarations attached, including customs declarations, SPS certificates and schedules for pre-notification to customs agencies

  • GPS coordinate visualisation of the movement of goods in transit and proof of final destination

  • Integration into HMRC, CDS (movements to / from NI not deemed at risk)

P2D 360 An application service that combines mobile applications, a central web service and low cost on-site proximity sensors to monitor site operational controls, safety and security. It also:

  • Enables real-time site operational compliance monitoring and reporting at an AEO or equivalent status;

  • Provides assurance that AEO and equivalent status standards are being met and supports audit and validation by relevant departments and authorities.

Physical2Digital is at the forefront of these movements into the new digital age of supply chain management and we can help your business to ensure that you are prepared no matter what the future may bring. To find out more about our services or to get in touch with us please click here.