P2D work with companies who have either installed a control tower or are in the planning stage. A lot of money and time can be spent in the design and mapping to find ways of obtaining clean data, what we call SINGLE TRUTH DATA. Once we have implemented our product range you will immediately have a clean platform to enable collaboration across all trading partners in real-time, creating a more advanced form of supply chain management. A system that integrates relevant technologies and solutions into a common environment allowing for real-time visibility and control.


We create supply chain agility by the visualisation of the  CHAIN OF CUSTODY. By turning the physical into the digital with truth and visibility becomes the enabler of interaction, proactive forecasting, and automation.

What are the steps to a Control Tower?


1.Visibility of supply chain and exception-based monitoring of the actual physical product.

2. Alerting a multi-party collaboration & enable real-time issue resolution from SINGLE TRUTH DATA.


3. Decision support – Intelligent recommendations, be able to execute transactions through our APP.


4.AI – autonomous decision making and consistent feedback REAL TIME.

Patent . 14/722,039

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