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Having access online & the ability to run reports globally across all your facilities, or business, is essential. Our team are dedicated to helping you integrate the information into your current business reporting systems.

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SPS, Traces and full Provenance of Goods


Our platform is globally recognised and enables the full provenance of goods to be traced through the entire end-to-end supply chain. For example, a finished manufactured product or item of food can be completely traced back to origin, such as a composite food product traced back to animal or dairy products at the abattoir and farm.


Track & Trace and Product Visualisation Capability

Full inventory and load track and trace capabilities including attachment of all regulatory declarations including SPS attached to goods physically and digitally at point of load, with forward notification to the required authorities and government departments. This includes proof of final destination to ensure goods are not at risk from a customs perspective.


AEO and equivalent Site Operational Monitoring and Controls


Our platform can perform real-time operational monitoring and provide compliance reporting on AEO and equivalent operational standards and practises with risk reporting on non-compliance and risk areas.



Creation of an AEO superhighway that allows you to become an accredited organisation operating at a best practise level with a full framework to support rapid onboarding, efficient & optimised operator accreditation through the Trusted Trader platform that is globally recognised to implement and manage operations at a AEO C/S/++ level.

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The Digital Gap

Blockchain on its own doesn’t get the job done, you will see statements from blockchain providers such as “contracts enforce the permissions, preventing rogue users from tampering” or “Users can attest and attestation of the asset to validate history”.

No, unfortunately, that doesn’t work, you see unless you have physically attached the asset to the digital world where there is categoric proof from load point of what is in the container or truck, then the statement's are false, they are merely submitting data you already had through your freight forwarder or 3PL.

This is what we call THE DIGITAL GAP.

By using P2D's unique product range within your supply chain you will then physically attach the product to the digital platform enabling you a true chain of custody.