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Reduce the time you spend on declarations

Simplify and automate the creation of customs declarations to keep you importing goods from the EU to GB 

Customs declarations

Automating your customs processes

Customs declarations process

Over 150,000 UK businesses are having to complete customs declarations for the first time as a result of Brexit. Creating these declarations requires expert knowledge, time and resource of which there is a shortage in the industry. 

P2D offers a unique customs import and export declaration platform that signposts you through the process.


Digitise and automate the creation of essential customs declarations using a master data, including P&R code enrichment, eliminating the need to manually collate and create declarations. With direct uploads into IPAFFS reducing costs, saving time and ensuring accurate submissions.

Transform the way you manage your customs declarations


The use of pre-ingested customs master data, to streamline the creation of load specific customs declarations.

Automated P&R and commodity code classification saving you time. 

Compliance with ever-changing regulations through continuous updating of the platform in line with local government requirements.

Direct API integration between suppliers and retailers to facilitate the flow of data.

Digitises and automates the IPAFFS upload simplifying and streamlining the pre-notification process.

Linked into the new HMRC CDS platform, with real time feedback so you can keep your goods moving. 

Pre-notifications to border control*

*Via P2D Track and Trace platform 

Digitise your customs processes

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Market leading SPS compliance tool easily integrated with minimal disruption to existing operations.

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Easily implemented solution that tracks and visualises the secure movement of products globally.

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Innovative app-based service that monitors site operational, safety and security with real-time risk reporting.

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