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Visualise and track the secure movement of goods around the globe

A cost-effective and easy to deploy solution providing full visibility of goods moving within a supply chain

Track and trace trucks


P2D Track and Trace uses patented smart seal technology to provide end-to-end tracking of a shipment via a simple app. Benefit from control tower like visibility without the associated cost and development time.

The easy to deploy solution allows you to track global product movement throughout a supply chain, down to single items. A central dashboard serves up information in real time, allowing you to see exactly where your goods have been, which borders they have reached and their final destination.

Featuring unique QR codes, the smart seals are digitally linked to load information including copies of essential certificates such as EHCs and customs declarations which can be used to pre-notify border control posts, reducing wait times and potential complications. The seals' ability to provide evidence of tampering can even be used by Official Vets and Certifying Officers as part of a final sign off for a load, providing assurance to importing countries.

Full visualisation of the movement of your goods including multi-point drop offs.

Tamper evident seals to identify risks and security threats to goods in transit in real-time.

GPS enabled tracking and geofencing to notify supply chain stakeholders of incoming goods.

Benefit from faster border processing times with
pre-notification of load to border control points.

Provenance of goods to support customs declarations and avoid paying unnecessary tariffs.

Understand the impact of your supply chain on your carbon footprint to support CSR. 

App based for IoS and Android with no downtime for implementation.

Provides assurance to importing countries that the load is secure and signed off by a Certifying Officer.

Integrate with P2D Traces and Customs platform for a full end to end solution optimising your export processes.

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Market leading SPS compliance tool easily integrated with minimal disruption to existing operations.

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Unique, market disruptive customs import and export declaration tool. Includes automated P&R classification.

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See how P2D can track your goods movement

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Innovative app-based service that monitors site operational, safety and security with real-time risk reporting.


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