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Keep your products of animal origin moving

New requirements have come into effect when importing goods from the EU, are you ready? 


As of 1 January 2022, The Import of Products, Animals, Food and Feed System (IPAFFS), which has replaced EU Traces, must be used to pre-notify the UK border when the following products are being imported from the EU, excepting the Republic of Ireland (ROI):


  • Animal by-products and high risk foods and feed not of animal origin.

  • Products of animal origin (POAO).

  • Composite products.

  • Plants and plant products.

Pre-notification must occur at least one working day before the products are due to arrive at the point of entry; once complete a CHED-P or CHED-D is created for the goods. 


Border Control Staff then record the outcome of the checks using IPAFFS and a signed copy of the CHED is available for download to continue goods movement.

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Importers of goods into the UK must now: 


  • Have registered with IPAFFS.

  • Hold a UK address.

  • Submit their pre-notification to the system (EHCs will be required from July 1)

Who is affected?

To help ease the strain on importing businesses, P2D have developed an innovative system which simplifies the process and increases the efficiency of submitting pre-notifications into IPAFFS. The P2D system allows users to:

  • Bulk upload notifications into IPAFFS, saving time when processing multiple consignments.

  • Automated collection and aggregation of information to create notifications from existing customs and SPS data.

  • Reduce costs required to hire and train staff on new processes.

  • Ensure the accuracy of data to reduce the risk of rejected notifications and the related delays. 

To find out more about how the system can help you to efficiently create and upload notifications please get in touch.

How P2D can help

Simplify the pre-notification process with P2D

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