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Accelerate your business

With the smart customs declaration tool that saves you time and money

Make the change from CHIEF to CDS your opportunity to accelerate your business with the P2D Customs Platform.   

Export declarations are changing from 30th November 2023 from CHIEF to CDS.  


Are you ready?



On 30th November 2023, CDS replaces CHIEF as the UK’s new single customs platform for export declarations. CDS will need to be used for all import and export declarations from 1st December 2023

Supercharge your customs declarations 

P2D Customs Platform is the smart customs import and export declaration tool that reduces the time and complexities associated with creating SPS EHCs and customs declarations at load points. 

How it works

P2D Customs Platform automates and simplifies the creation and submission of customs declarations required for GB-EU movement, enabling efficient import and export of goods across borders in a post-Brexit world.

Uses EHC and CHED data to automatically create required customs declarations.

Direct API integration between suppliers and retailers to facilitate the flow of master data.

Creation of load specific customs declarations in a single window, including required SSDs and GMRs.
Fully aligned with government requirements. 


Automated P&R classification and meursing code calculation, including branded goods suppliers.

Direct integrations into government systems including CDS.

Pre-notifications to border control*


Continuous updating of the platform to ensure continued compliance to government requirements.

Direct feedback from CDS, allowing you to correct and re-submit declarations if required. 

Import declarations cloned and issued to the importer of record to ensure consistency between export and import declarations. 


Save time

Future proof your supply chain with a digital platform updated in line with changing regulations.

Streamline your processes and drive efficiencies throughout your supply chain, saving you time. 


Minimises backlog

Decreases human error

Reduces time spent

Save time and streamline

With just a few clicks to complete each declaration, the P2D Customs Platform reduces the amount of time you spend by automating part of the process.


Drives productivity

ITT, RFQ, BID support


End-to-end project management, training, and assistance for optimal results.


Mitigate risk

Adapt quickly to rapidly changing regulations, use the real time commodity code database to search and select the latest codes which are automatically imported into master data and customs documents. 

Simplify - all the information you need in a single window 

Customs declarations have always been complex, as well as time and labour intensive.  Work smarter with P2D Customs Platform tool: a single data entry for all required customs declarations, it simplifies the entire process, digitising the input into CDS for increased efficiency.  

Seamlessly integrates into your master data or other P2D platforms via direct API, reducing the need to source and manually enter data for customs declarations.


Mitigate risk, adapt more quickly to rapidly changing regulations.


P&R customs certification validation, populating additional information required for P&R goods.  


Integrated with CHED and the new HMRC Customs declaration service


For a seamless transition to CDS

Trust the P2D's smart automation solutions to help you get your work done faster with fewer errors, avoid disruption and deliver a seamless transition to CDS. 

Whatever your size, scope or budget, with P2D Customs Platform our experts can ensure your success.


Your business advantage 


Join the businesses already using P2D Customs Platform tool to accelerate their business today. Contact our expert team to find out what P2D Customs Platform can do for your business, too.

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