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Remotely monitor site operational controls, safety and security in real-time

Manage any site operations with live feedback of information into a single daily occurrence log. Users can view shifts, activity logs, handover logs and schedules in real-time allowing you to effectively identify and manage risk exposure, while the move to digital logs significantly reduces the amount of paper used in your daily operations, supporting your business to meet sustainability goals.

Experience complete transparency that allows you to monitor company compliance and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) across the business, from cleaning and security to incidents, logistics, with full digital audit trails. The system can issue this information to key government bodies, providing continuous updates on processes that can reduce the frequency of on-site audits and the associated costs and disruption. 


Deployable across any industry

Reduce your carbon footprint by digitalising paper based operations 


Flexible, low cost app based solution available on iOS and Android.

Full audit history to support AEOS and compliance.

Manage risk, compliance, service and KPIs in real time.

Mobile workforce management via a central portal. 

Reduce the amount of paper based documents supporting your sustainability goals.

Custom form upload to match existing templates, minimising the impact of change.  

Reduce risk. Improve visibility.
Support CSR goals.

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Market leading SPS compliance tool easily integrated with minimal disruption to existing operations.

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Unique, market disruptive customs import and export declaration tool. Includes automated P&R classification.

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Easily implemented solution that tracks and visualises the secure movement of products globally.

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