P2D 360

P2D - 360

An application service that combines mobile applications, a central web service and low cost, on-site proximity sensors to monitor site operational controls, safety and security.

 P2D 360 enables real-time site operational compliance monitoring and reporting at an AEO-level or equivalent status, ensuring sites are following and maintaining the controls they have implemented as a Trusted Trader or as per their AEO accreditation.

  • Platform to develop and implement AEO-level and equivalent operating processes and procedures.

  • Process and procedure quality management system for review and demonstration of capabilities to regulators and government departments such as HMRC.

  • Real-time operational process and compliance monitoring and reporting to ensure that processes and procedures are being properly deployed and utilised.

  • Active monitoring and incident reporting to effectively report risks in real-time to relevant authorities and border checkpoints.

  • Provides assurance that AEO and equivalent status standards are being met and supports audit and validation by relevant departments and authorities.