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Digitise and simplify
goods movement processes

Enable supply chain transparency
and achieve regulatory compliance with minimal change and disruption.

Physical2Digital (P2D) are transforming the way the supply chain and logistics industry manage data and product information to enable compliance with government legislation whilst streamlining processes, driving efficiency and reducing costs. 

Automate and simplify the creation of customs declarations reducing risk and saving time.

Struggling with the Customs requirements post-Brexit?

Industry experts at P2D are on hand to advise you how to navigate this change exporting into both GB and the EU.

Overwhelmed with the uncertainty surrounding goods movement?

Digitise your operations and understand the true impact of your supply chain on your carbon footprint.

How are you going to reach net zero carbon emissions?

Complexity, simplified 

P2D offers the only operational digital platform that streamlines and automates your SPS documentation requirements.

Prepared for the changes in
SPS regulations?

Optimise your supply chain and compliance processes.

P2D have developed innovative software solutions that enable hauliers, suppliers, manufacturers and retailers to simplify the movement of goods across borders, utilising AI technology and automation to meet SPS requirements and create customs declarations.


The platform gives you the ability to track end-to-end movement of goods and monitor your onsite operations from the palm of your hand. 


Discover how these scalable, modular solutions already used by hundreds of businesses globally can benefit your business. 

Complete end-to-end solution

Illustration process end-to-end

Digital Twins

There is a  ‘Digital Gap’ between physical goods being shipped and the digital world where they can be traced end-to-end, down to single items with all the required information available at the click of a button. Creating digital twins unifies the physical and digital worlds, enabling you to create a simulation of your processes, using data input from across your global supply chain.


The P2D platform uses this data to not only digitise your processes but also alert you to potential issues in real time; these can be anything from contamination of a product to the incorrect details being filled in for a trace at source. This enables you to correct any issues before the product leaves the depot, mitigating risk, saving time and significantly reducing your data processing time, allowing you to focus on your business objectives.

Supporting Sustainability

With a commitment to reach net-zero by 2050 it is now more important than ever for businesses understand their carbon footprint and how it can be reduced.

Supply chains consist of multiple stakeholders across multiple organisations and calculating your carbon footprint can be difficult. The P2D platform enables you to monitor, measure and optimise the impact your operation has on your carbon footprint, supporting CSR goals across the supply chain. 

By digitising legacy processes the platform significantly reduces the need for paper-based documents, creating digital databases and master data within the platform and generating digital certificates and declarations that can be directly uploaded to government systems.


Control Tower

The P2D platform enables control tower like capabilities without the associated costs and resource. Collaborate with your trading partners in real time using validated data and full visibility for an advanced form of supply chain management. 

Keep stakeholders throughout the chain updated with real time risk and issue resolution all within a single platform.

The platform not only provides all the information to make informed decisions but the AI capabilities provide autonomous decision making and feedback in real time supporting your operations. 

Component 4 – 1.png

P2D Customs  automates the creation of required customs declaration using master data and SPS data to simplify the process. Information can be made available to border authorities at the point of load, enabling pre-notification of the shipment resulting in reduced waiting times.

P2D Track and Trace facilitates end-to-end tracking of a shipment down to individual item, attaching digital records of all documentation and tamper proof evidence. 

Component 4 – 1.png
Component 4 – 1.png

P2D Traces collates data on all raw materials and individual components. Load specific documentation (EHC schedules and certification) is then created using an AI based automated service.

Component 4 – 1.png

P2D 360 monitors the security of origin and destination sites at an AEOS level whilst creating digital logs. Real-time alerts allow you to identify and manage any potential risks.

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Market leading SPS compliance tool easily integrated with minimal disruption to existing operations.

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Customs import and export declaration tool. Includes automated P&R classification.

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Innovative app-based service that monitors site operational, safety and security with real-time risk reporting.

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Easily implemented solution that tracks and visualises the secure movement of products globally.

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Core benefits

Icons core benefits - Cloud, agile and watch
P2D-WHITE-logo-Artboard 8.png

Future proof your supply chain with a digital platform updated in line with changing regulations.

Save time

Cloud based software

Simple and rapid deployment with a cloud based application.

Remain agile

Streamline your processes and drive efficiencies throughout your supply chain, saving you time. 

Icons core benefits - Stats, support and certification
P2D-WHITE-logo-Artboard 8 copy.png

Reduce costs

Minimal disruption

 Supporting your success  

Reduce costs associated with system development, third party support, delayed shipments and more with a fully operational platform. 

Easily integrated into existing systems and business processes for rapid implementation and minimal disruption.

Focus on your business objectives whilst P2D automates your regulatory compliance.

Icons core benefits - Manage service and team
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Managed service

End-to-end project management, training, and assistance for optimal results.

Expert Team

Access to a team of global experts to help you navigate this change.

Our Partners

Strategic partnerships formed across the industry enhance the services and capabilities P2D can offer its clients. 

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Rectangle 12_2x.png
Rectangle 12_2x.png

Fortinus Global is a specialist global border management consultancy with a team of global experts specialising in border management including customs and security controls both in the UK and overseas.


The Fortinus team has supported the development, build, test and implementation of Customs Declaration Services(CDS), and led major programmes to support the introduction of a NI Protocol at the end of the UK’s transition period. These programmes included major change to the customs declaration platforms; arrangements to support the UK’s safety and security; the design of a future operating model to support movements of Ro/Ro traffic in and out of the UK; arrangements to facilitate UK business interfaces with EU systems; and the introduction of a new trade support service to help businesses comply with customs legislation and policies, including the submission of customs declarations to HMRC systems to facilitate imports and exports.

Ready to Optimise?

Request a demo of the P2D platform today and experience the future of global movement compliance.

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