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Simplify the movement of goods across borders 

Smartphone tracing raw materials

Ensure compliance, reduce risk and simplify the movement of goods.

SPS - Illustration process

Simplifying SPS compliance

New government regulations, as a result of Brexit, mean that businesses must complete EHC certificates and other documentation to move SPS goods into the EU and GB. P2D have developed the only operational digital tool that enables compliance by simplifying the collation of product data  to support certification and declarations with a direct upload into government systems.

SPS data is collected from across your supply chain, aggregated and presented in the correct formats to certifying officers to support EHC certification at the point of load, reducing the time and cost associated with gathering the required data. The platform is fully aligned with local  government systems such as DAERA, DEFRA, DAFM and HMRC, minimising risk whilst keeping your goods moving.

Enable full supply chain transparency, traceability and SPS compliance   


Automated creation of load specific EHC schedules and required documents using data sourced across the supply chain.

Simplified sign off process for Certifying Officers (CO) and Official Vets (OV) with access to the full schedule of goods at point of load.

API enabled direct upload of data into government systems such as CDS.

Allows pre-processing of information supporting JIT operations and ensuring longer shelf life for your products.

Reduces the time OVs and COs are required to be on site and the associated costs.

SaaS solution that is scalable and adaptable enabling rapid change.

Case Study 

Find out how P2D supported Marks & Spencer digitise their supply chain with the award nominated P2D Traces solution, supporting the compliant movement of goods across borders. 

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Ensure SPS compliance for your goods movement

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Easily implemented solution that tracks and visualises the secure movement of products globally.

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Innovative app-based service that monitors site operational, safety and security with real-time risk reporting.

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Unique, market disruptive customs import and export declaration tool. Includes automated P&R classification.

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