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Download a free guide that takes you through essential SPS goods requirements and new regulations to help you move your products with ease.

Find out how leading facilities management company Sodexo used the P2D 360 app to support their rollout and management of over 170 Covid Test centres. 

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Import check delays into UK anger vets

The 4th delay in proposed import checks into the UK post-Brexit has angered vets who claim the failure to act “flies in the face of common sense”.

Brexit batters UK exports which fall 14% while world sees 8.2% rise

Brexit is being blamed for a massive hit to UK goods exports with the country failing to rebound from the pandemic...

New approach to import controls to help ease cost of living

The Government has concluded  it would be wrong to impose new  requirements on businesses who may pass the costs to consumers.

UK pork trade continues to struggle against global pressures

UK pig meat exports were down 11% in January as the country struggles to make its mark a year on from its formal exit from the EU.

British agencies propose changes to import checks

Food agencies in Great Britain are looking at changing the rate of checks on certain products being imported into the region.

New EU-to-GB import rules lead port dwell times to double

New data suggests that new customs controls on goods entering Britain from the EU, has resulted in a doubling of dwell times at UK ports.


Small businesses are struggling to prepare for new EU/GB import controls. 


On 2-3 March the P2D team exhibited at the annual Retail Supply Chain and Logistics Expo, held at the ExCel London.

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