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All you need to prepare for the release of RBAC and IAM on the P2D Platform

Here you will find all the key information on how to prepare for the release of ‘RBAC and IAM’ – Our revised method of simplifying how users log in to the platform with a single email address and password, due for release Tuesday 21st June 2022.

P2D’s New Log in and Access What is it and how will it work?


Please see our step-by-step guide that covers all you need to know on how our revised log in method will work, including accessibility to multiple accounts.

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IAM - Identify Access Management

IAM simplifies the user account management experience, by allowing users to migrate to a single log in with email address/password. This will give greater control and visibility of all the sites/accounts a user has access to, as well as a more efficient way to switch between them. It also importantly brings increased platform security. 

What do I need to do to prepare?

To ensure you are ready for the release, you will need to familiarise yourself with the presentation above.

You will also need to make sure each user in your site has access to an email address that will be used to log in to the platform – without this you will not be able to access the platform.

When Will This be Released?

We aim to release this functionality by Tues 21st June (Sprint 38). The system will no longer allow access to the platform using legacy methods after the launch

What will Happen If I'm Not Prepared?

The system will no longer allow access to the platform using legacy methods after the launch.

RBAC - Role Based Access Control 

Alongside this release, we will also be implementing a new ‘User Role’ based feature - RBAC (Role Based Access Control).  This feature  enables restricted access to certain areas of the platform, on a role basis. This will allow our users to provide their employees with varying levels of access based on their roles and responsibilities within the organisation and to better replicate the day to day activities within the supply chain. 

If this is a feature you are interested in, or you have any questions regarding the information on the new releases please contact your account manager or

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